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Welcome to Guitar Lessons for U! James Howard has been teaching guitar for over 30 years. He enjoys working with students at any level, beginning, intermediate or advanced. He teaches songs, theory, acoustic finger-style, electric rhythm and lead in the styles of blues, rock, Jazz folk, country, pop, R&B, and more. He also works with students on singing and song-writing. James primarily teaches out of his home near Lynnwood, Edmonds and Mukilteo. For convenience he also has a studio in Seattle.

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Secondary Dominant Chords

Economy Picking Guide




Guitar Basics

Natural Harmonics in Tuning and Intonation

Breaking Out of the Box: Runs in Octaves

How to Hold a Pick

How to Practice Guitar Efficiently

Calculating Notes Per Second

A Free Guitar Tuner Widget


A Intro to Power Chords

12 Bar Blues and Power Chord Review

Open Chords and a New Tuning

Power Chord Glossary

Using Open Strings as Pedal Tones

Finger Exercises

Innovative Pentatonics: 3 Notes Per String

How to Play Free Bird Guitar Solo- 7 Pentatonic Exercises

Pinky Strengthening Exercises

Gaining Pinky Independence

Another Pinky Builder

Finger Stretching Exercises- Want to Span the Fretboard

Fretting Hand Strength Exercises: Thunderstruck

Guitar Finger Exercises Pt. 1: The Spider

Guitar Finger Exercises Pt. 2: Trills

8 Pentatonic Exercises

Ultimate Chromatic Finger Exercise Guide

Flight of the Bumblebee- Chromatic Workout

Picking Exercises

Alternate Picking Exercises – 4 Classical Passages to Boost Technique

Alternate Picking Exercises- 3 Malmsteen Licks

Sweep Picking Exercises- 5 Yngwie Malmsteen Riffs to Boost Technique

Sweep Picking Exercises- 5 Jason Becker Licks

String Skipping Exercises: 5 Paul Gilbert Licks

Learning Alternate Picking

Economy Picking Guide

Beginning Finger-Picking Pt.1

Dragonforce Guitar Riffs: Herman Li and Sam Totman

Steve Morse Alternate Picking Exercise

MD’s Holiday Challenge Pt. 1

MD;s Picking Exercise #1


Learn Tapping Techniques Pt. 1

Learn Tapping Techniques Pt. 2- Eruption of Triads

Advanced Guitar Tapping Techniques

Tapping Exercise- Four Seasons

Tapping w/ String Skipping Exercises: 3 Michael Romeo Licks

Eric Johnson Koto Tapping Technique

Through the Fire and the Flames Tapping Exercise

Music Theory Lessons

The Scale Degrees

Chord Progressions- Chain Method

Unlocking Dorian Mode

Mixolydian Mode Meyhem

Using Unusual Time Signitures

The Harmonic Minor Scale Explained

Using Dominant 7th Chords on Guitar

Diminished Scale Exercises

Learning Suspended Chords: Sus2 and Sus4

Secondary Dominant Chords

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